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Updated the DOWNLOADS page by adding an excel spreadsheet that shows the X-52 key mapping of the main joystick profile to the zip file (there were a couple of clean-up type updates to the profile as well). The files in the zip file are dated 2007-Sept-05. (You can thank Lazyeight). Enjoy.

FYI, I am on Hyperlobby (a main online IL2 meeting place) as _54th_Speeder and in the ubi IL2 forums as SithSpeeder. Whacked the sound files :-(


Added to the DOWNLOADS page stuff for TrackIR4 (thanks Capt. Rob) and my X-52. I still can't figure out why the sounds on this page don't work in Firefox but do work in IE7.


Checkout the DOWNLOADS page for now. I will be adding a tactics page (based on IL2 forum members suggestions) soon. I have saved postings about many (not all) planes and some tactics.

Also, check out jtd's excellent 4.04m aircraft summary: http://mitglied.lycos.de/jaytdee/t404/404testing.html



Well, time to be a bit more positive. Only died 4 times and got 3 confirmed kills tonight in a closed pit server. And had a blast doing it. I still have $100 burning a hole in my pocket (unspent Christmas gift money)...upgrade from Saitek X-45 to X-52 or maybe get a CH Fighterstick? I'm leaning towards X-52 because of more button combos (I really like the pinky-shift switch) and because I don't fly but about 1-3 times per week. If I flew every night, I'd more likely try the CH stick. I guess many guys on the MOH squad use them. What do you think?



Happy New Year! Here's a real poem about addiction after a particularly tough night:

A Crap Pilot's Lament--

It's not the plane, it's the pilot.
I hate this game.
It makes me feel like cr@p.
Flew for 2.5 hours, got credit for one kill (and don't remember doing it).
Actually, stopped two others (killed engines and smoking),
but both were stolen kills.
The only highlight was saving a wounded comrade and getting a "Thanks, Speeder". That was worth the price of admission.
I hate this game.
It makes me feel like cr@p.
Refly. Refly. Refly.



My First Blog

I don't have time to maintain this site, but that's OK--I'll update it when I can.

Topic du jour is the "difficulty I have in shooting down American planes while sitting in a German or Japanese plane in WW2 combat flight simulators." Like in IL2:Forgotten Battles/AEP/FB. I can do it if I really have to, but it just doesn't feel right. I idolized those planes and pilots since I was a very young kid. I can't explain why my interest in the timeframe of WW2 is so high--it just is.

I'm not saying that others shouldn't do it--it is a game. It just doesn't feel right to ME. I liken it to walking up to the person you most admire and punching them in the nose (even if it's only virtually).

Some server administrators get upset when the teams get unbalanced on their servers. But even if it's ridiculously unbalanced, I'll almost always join the side that has American or even British planes.

Another reason I have difficulty with it has to do with what was being fought for in WW2. Sure, there were horrible atrocities committed on all sides, but propoganda aside, the Axis leaders believed in racial superiority. They feel like they didn't commit crimes against humanity because the enemy was sub-human. I can't recall who said the quote (and I paraphrase) "A society is only as good as the way it treats its prisoners." The ruthlessness of the Japanese military against their POWs, the extermination of the Jews by the German Nazis, even the sheer brutality against their own people by mandated by the Russian leader Stalin. When reading books (actually, listening to audio books) about this timeframe, it's very powerful, emotional, and even personal to me.

Not that the US of A has a clean record--I know very well that it does not. I get the same feelings when reading about the Indian massacres, mis-treatment of the slaves, the brutality against the Filipinos, and on and on. But I digress, as this has to do with WW2 flight sims.

People want respect. Period. Once you freely give it and freely receive it just for being part of the human race, you've reached what I consider to be utopia.

* SithSpeeder, aka _54th_Speeder